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Prickly Thistle - How Social Should We Be?

Prickly Thistle - Let's Get Supersonic Social Survey

We want to make sure we fill your social feeds with images, snippets and stories that you love.  As most of you know its me Clare who is a little rebel random with most posts but always from the heart.

We get SO many amazing likes, comments and shares, and with each one my heart skips and you make me feel so proud and humbled to be doing what we do.

But I know I can always do better, and I would love you to share with me what you want to see more of....

Love Clare and the team x
1. What social media platforms do you like to use?
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2. What type of social shares do you like the most?
3. What do you think of e-mails from us?
5. Some new social ideas, what do you think?
We Are Social Rebels.... so feel free to share with your family and friends!