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Year 13 - Future Scholars Survey

Basic Info

Dear Year 13 Students,

We hope you are doing well in light of recent events surrounding COVID-19. The Leading Routes team are keen to gather your views to gauge how you have been coping with regards to university progression and examinations.

This survey aims to highlight and identify key factors in areas such as your decision making, support surrounding school closure, online/cancelled exams and how they have specifically impacted Black African Caribbean students. We will use your responses to develop a summer programme, in partnership with University College London - UCL, to provide you with a programme of support that will help your transition into university.

Responses are anonymous and will be of great use in monitoring not only our programme but also how COVID-19 has impacted you.

The approximate time to complete the survey is under than 10 minutes. We need as many responses as possible by Friday 29 May, please share with your friends and networks!

* Please note the survey is open to all Black Year 13 students studying in the UK, however some elements of support may only be open to current students on our Future Scholars programme and others will be open to all. 
1. Are you on the Leading Routes Future Scholars Programme?

(Please note: you do not have to be on the programme to complete the survey but if you leave your email address at the end, we will invite you to join our Summer Seminar Series)  *This question is required.
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3. Are you currently a Year 13 student? *This question is required.