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CFU Strategic Plan Consultation

We are pleased and privileged to present this draft five-year strategic plan that will guide Chester Football Club from 2020 to 2025.

The reformation of Chester FC in 2010 was a time of contrasting emotions for us as supporters. There was inevitable grief over the demise of Chester City at the hands of others, although in truth in those final years, it was not the same club that we had fallen in love with. But there was also an incredible sense of pride and joy at the start of a new era and excitement for what the future would bring.

As we reflect on a decade of supporter ownership, we will each have our own special memories and also times that have caused us pain and to question our club’s direction. 

Like most non-league clubs, Chester FC has generally planned and managed on a season by season basis, setting annual targets and focusing on the here and now. If we are to grow and develop, and to increase our ability to achieve success on the field, we have to adopt a more structured and long-term vision for the organisation.
The plan reflects the ambitions of the Club and has been developed by the board in consultation with key stakeholders, setting down the overall vision for Chester FC and the strategic objectives that will enable us to realise these ambitions.  

The plan draws on the past and the present to shape the future: the lessons that have been learned, the mistakes that have been made and the successes that we have achieved. It incorporates the club’s traditions and recognises the hugely challenging times in which we find ourselves. Football clubs can no longer live hand-to-mouth; we must employ greater planning and longer-term thinking to avoid the difficulties of recent seasons. 

We recognise there is much work to do, but we are excited about our future and determined to drive the Club forward on and off the pitch.
The board would like to acknowledge all those who participated in developing the draft plan and to thank you, our members, for your continued passion and support of our Club.

Andrew Morris                                                    
Chair of City Fans United                     

David Evans
Chair of Chester FC Community Trust
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