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Impact of the Contribution of Community in the Response to Covid-19

Survey Overview

As the Covid-19 crisis continues with no real end in sight, it can be hard to find positive aspects to our new way of life. But through the community and voluntary sector in Ireland, a movement in response to this crisis has emerged, that should generate an unparalleled sense of national pride.
The sense of communal solidarity that has been witnessed across communities, both in organized community response groups and individual acts of kindness to our neighbours, is a legacy that should never be forgotten, neither by the people whose lives have been touched, nor by the leaders of our county who have the power to change the face of the community sector in this country.
The Institute of Technology Sligo supported by Sligo Public Participation Network is undertaking a research project  to evaluate the societal and economic impact of community and voluntary groups during the Covid-19 crisis. The overarching goal of the project is to highlight the contribution of the community sector through this crisis and to explore  potential scenarios that may have occurred should the community sector have not stepped up to answer Ireland’s call.

This survey is the first phase of the project and aims to gain an insight into the experiences of volunteers during the Covid-19 crisis. It consists of 24 questions and will require 10-15 minutes to complete.