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The Great Black British Women's Survey 2020

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We know there is more to the black British voice & experience than the voice heard in London - Let's give a platform to the rest of the black women in Britain

Thank you for your interest in the Great Black British Women's Survey 2020, carried out by Black Ballad. This research focuses on the differing experiences of black women based on where they live in Britain.

The survey is relevant for ALL women of African or Caribbean heritage based in Britain, and will take an average of 18 minutes of your time.

The resulting content & data will illustrate the impact of location on black women's experiences across everyday considerations like beauty & access to cultural foods, but flashbulb moments in history like Brexit & the Coronavirus pandemic.

All answers are strictly confidential and will be shown anonymously and in the aggregate

Deadline for completion: 3rd June
1. How would you describe your ethnic heritage / or cultural background? *This question is required.
2. Which part of the UK do you currently live in? *This question is required.