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EASME SURVEY - Critical challenges and opportunities in energy efficiency and renewable energy


The Industry and Service sectors represent more than 39% of the EU's final energy consumption, equivalent to 21% of the EU’s total Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions (Eurostat, 2016). European enterprises have made important progress in improving their energy efficiency and switching to low carbon energy sources; however, opportunities for saving energy remain.

The aim of this survey is to identify particular market priorities and content gaps to accelerate the energy transition of the Industry and Service sectors, that can be addressed as part of the forthcoming LIFE programme (2021-2027).

During the next programming period, the LIFE programme will include a sub-programme for the clean energy transition, aiming at fostering the market uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. The general objectives of the new LIFE programme have been provisionally agreed, and the task is now to draw up the first Multiannual Work Programme covering the period 2021-2024. The results from this survey will inform the priorities for the Work Programme.

The questionnaire is structured as follows:
Section 1: About you – information on respondents
Section 2: Awareness and involvement in EU programmes
Section 3: Relevance of current energy efficiency topics 
Section 4: Future challenges/opportunities where LIFE can help make a difference
Section 5: Prioritisation of measures to include in LIFE

Completing the survey will take around 30 minutes.

The deadline for responses to this survey has been extended to 4th September 2020.

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