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NHS in Scotland - Blueprint for return

UNISON is always here for you to improve your experience of working in the NHS. This includes including your safety, your pay and the way you are treated. 

We never expected our work this year to be in the context of a global pandemic, but we think now is the right time to talk with you about pay in the NHS. 

We know that many of you have very immediate concerns including safe working, childcare, or trying to have a work/life balance. And we also know pay might not be on your mind right now. 

That is why we produced our "Blueprint for return." This will tell the government and employers what you need to stay safe and work effectively. It will also tell them what you need to feel fairly treated as the NHS continues to deal with COVID and re-starts other services. Pay is an important part of this. 

The levels of public support for you as an NHS worker during this pandemic have been heartening to see. We know their support includes wanting you to be rewarded for what you do – not just at this time of crisis but for the longer term too. That's why we want to talk with you about your pay and safety.