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Employer Readiness - Stakeholder survey

Employer Readiness for taking on an Apprentice or Trainee - survey of VET sector stakeholders

You are receiving this survey because of your valued role and contribution to the VET sector as an AASN, GTO, RTO or other organisation with responsibility for administering services to employers, regulating training, or providing education and training to apprentices and/or trainees.

We would like to invite you to respond to this short survey which asks quite simply: what is the most important information that employers need when they consider taking on an apprentice or trainee?

This information will be used by the Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service (AATIS) to improve the information and communications we provide to potential employers of Australian Apprentices. AATIS is an information service; we aim to inform employers before directing them to the networks that administer Australian Apprenticeships, including the AASN providers, GTOs, and RTOs.