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Walk My City Free

Welcome to the survey "I WALK JUST AS I BREATHE". Thanks for being with us today!

Thank you for taking the time to participate and together help us make cities more inviting to everyone.

This survey is about the use of public space on foot, and about the choices made by women, men and those identifying with other gender identities about walking.
women, men and other gender identities.  

We’ll keep this short – around 5 minutes of your time! Below are the survey topics we will cover:
  • Everyday Walking – We start by asking about your walking habits
  • Walking because you want to – Next, we’ll ask about the walking that you choose to do
  • Covid-19 pandemic – A lot changed in our lives with the pandemic. What about walking and other physical activity?
  • Demographics – This page is about you. It helps us a lot to better understand people's needs and aspirations (Anyway, the survey is totally anonymous, so you don’t need to worry).

Let's begin!