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East Lancs Pay Rise Petition

Value us, Pay us East Lancashire Health Workers need a meaningful NHS pay rise


Following the Tory Government announcement on public sector pay rises - Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Domestics, Porters, Support Staff and other Health Professionals will NOT get a pay rise. We are calling on local politicians in East Lancashire to put pressure on the Government to give health workers the recognition they deserve.  


Without the phenomenal efforts of all NHS staff within the East Lancs NHS Trust during this pandemic there is no doubt the death rates would have been higher.  NHS staff have continued to work and have put their own health on the line to care for and treat the sick and the vulnerable. The staff have been there when patients' own families couldn’t be.  They have held the hands of the dying and mopped the brows of the sick.  They have cleaned, moved and administered.  They have seen things others can’t even begin to imagine when deaths hit their peak—and potentially they are going to have to do it all over again, if or indeed when, another peak comes. Because we value our NHS and those who work in it we want to ensure the staff who provide it are valued.  The government can show how much they value our NHS by doing more than clapping—they can open pay talks now and reward us properly.  


East Lancashire Health Workers are calling on: 


  • East Lancashire MPs to support the Early Day Motion (EDM #742) which calls for pay talks to open now and for a meaningful pay rise for NHS workers.  

  • The Government to begin talks with trades unions now regarding a meaningful pay rise for NHS workers. 


The information you provide will be used to lobby politicians and decision makers regarding UNISON’s NHS Pay campaign, and may be used to contact you about how to help us build the campaign if you have expressed permission.

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