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Wyre Together - Covid-19

Wyre Community Groups

The Community Engagement Team at Wyre Council would like to understand how Covid-19 is affecting community and voluntary sector groups and organisations across Wyre. We want to continue and adapt ways that we can support and work with you, and other sector partners, to ensure that the contributions of groups providing vital social, emotional and physical wellbeing continue.

Please note, questions and options are written in attempt to cover a range of groups but cannot cover everything, please answer as best you can. There is space to expand and leave further comments if we have missed anything, or if you have more to say.

Please have your comments submitted by 29 October 2020 at 17:00 hours.

Thank you, from the team. 
2. Is your group currently active?
3. Are you able to take new members?
3. What are the issues stopping you from reopening or fully resuming your activities/project? Please tick all that apply.
3. Has your group experienced or implemented any of the following as a result of Covid-19 lockdown?
3. What impact is /do you see this having on your group over the coming year? Please select those that apply.
4. What support, if any, would your group be most interested in getting help with?