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Beyond Beauty September 2020


Do the Beyond Beauty survey and you could win a R2 000 voucher to spend in the Skin Renewal online store. Free delivery within South Africa. T&Cs apply.
2. Please select your gender below:
3. Please specify your age: 
4. What is your skin type? Please select below:
5. Do you under stand how peels work?
6. Do you suffer from any of the below skin issues which can all be addressed by using peels?
7. Please select below which of the below peel treatments you have had: 
8. Were you given specific pre- and post-care procedure before and after a chemical peel?
9. How is skin renewed from a peel?
10. How do you incorporate peels into your skin care regime? Select which of the below is true:
11. What is the difference between monthly peels and aggressive peels?
12. Please select which of the below are correct: 
13. True or false: You should stay out of the sun directly after a peel, as exposure to the sun can cause pigmentation. 
14. Does your disposable income limit your access to peel treatments? 
15. On average, how much do you spend on skin care treatments per month? 
All we need now are your details to enter the competition. Go to to fill out your details.