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Leadership - Fostering Growth for All



We want to learn about your experiences as a leader of fostering development for all employees, a kind of growth that matters. (Click on link to learn more). This is an ongoing research project sponsored by the Center for Transformative Leadership and is connected to the MindShift events. 

To contribute to this, we ask you to share experiences where you fostered or tried to foster the development of people in your organization. These can be about any action, large or small. It might have been successful or not, had a positive or negative impact. Then we will invite you to reflect on that experience with a few simple prompts, provide some background information, and share any learning from reflecting on your experience.

One submission takes about 10 - 15 minutes and it is possible to submit multiple contributions, either now or over time. Note that while all submissions are inherently anonymous, you should NOT name persons involved in your stories, as the data collected will be used both for research purposes and for sharing in selected events. Your participation in submitting your experiences and reflections is taken as constituting permission to share this data.
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