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Draft Statement of Licensing Policy

We are inviting residents and businesses to have their say on the draft Wyre Licensing Policy.

The renewed policy sets out how the Council will make decisions on alcohol and entertainment licensing issues over the next five years. The Policy can also be used by local residents and businesses preparing licensing applications and making comments on Licence applications.
The consultation is open for all local communities and businesses to comment and all comments received will be considered once the consultation has closed. The Policy is due to be presented to Full Council on 17 December 2020, after which it will be published, detailing how the Council intends to operate and promote licensing in the area between 2021 and 2025.

The six week consultation will begin on Monday 28 September to Monday 9 November 2020

Please read the draft policy and enter comments in the text box below. Each section of the policy is numbered, please reference any section of the policy that you make a comment/s on. This will help us when we analyse the results. 

We will accept comments up to 5pm on 9 November 2020.

Thank you 
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