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Global Parliamentary Report

Call for contributions: Civil society perspectives for the 

Global Parliamentary Report on Parliaments and Public Engagement 


Do you have experience working with Parliament in your country? Are you interested in strengthening how civil society and parliaments collaborate for change?


The 2021 Global Parliamentary Report will focus on how parliaments engage with different publics and will include recommendations for strengthening the way parliaments and civil society organizations (CSOs) connect. CSOs around the world are invited to share their experiences as an integral part of gathering good practices and informing the report’s recommendations for parliaments around the world.


Public engagement (beyond periodic general elections) is essential for parliaments and parliamentarians. CSOs play a crucial role in parliamentary public engagement. They speak for different areas of public interest before parliament. They also make a major contribution to legislation and oversight through their interactions with parliamentary processes and with individual parliamentarians.


The 2021 Global Parliamentary Report aims to capture these important experiences and to draw on them to provide support to parliaments in strengthening public engagement. 


The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are preparing this third Global Parliamentary Report, and are partnering with Civicus – the global alliance of civil society organizations and activists dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world – to collect information about CSOs’ experiences. 


The deadline for CSO contributions is 31 October 2020.


To contribute to the Global Parliamentary Report, please provide the following information via this online form


Contributions may be made in English, French, Spanish or Arabic.

Contributions received from CSOs will be analysed thoroughly and may be included in the Global Parliamentary Report. The name of all contributing organizations will be referenced in an annex to the report.

For further information, please contact Ms. Maya Kornberg at the IPU at
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Please also provide information about your organization (name, location, main area(s) of work, approximate membership of your organization, as well as whether it is local, national, or regional in scope.) as well as details of who to contact for follow-up questions.

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