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Q4 Supply Deal - Opt in

The Q4 Supply deal allows you to earn 100 points by increasing the amount of Open Bookable properties that you have in our platform

We have set a personalized OB target for every Connectivity partner that takes into consideration their unique circumstances.

If you are a managed provider, check with your Partner Business Manager what is the amount of OB properties that you need to have in our platform by the end of the year to lock down 100 points. If you don’t have a PBM you can reach out to our support team sending an email to to get the same information.

Additionally, you can earn up to 50 points by sharing with us in this survey what type of marketing initiatives you are setting up to help your properties to be open again. You can earn these points even if you don't reach the target of OB properties by the end of the year.

Provide the requested information in this form to opt in for this deal.