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Nurturing Talent Fund 2020-21

Application Form

Notes to Applicants:

Hello from the National Youth Arts Advisory Group and thank you for applying to the Nurturing Talent Fund! We’re excited to hear more about your creative ideas. Last year we supported 68 projects, giving out more than £53,000 to young artists across Scotland. This year we have a total of £50,000. We look forward to hearing your ideas – good luck!

If your application receives funding, Young Scot would love you to send photos and updates on your work for marketing and promoting the Nurturing Talent Fund. If you are under sixteen, we will ask you to ask a parent or a carer to complete the section at the end of this form.

Before you complete this application form, you should read the Nurturing Talent Fund Information and Guidance Notes, which are available here:

We ask everyone who is applying to send us a recent bank statement (from the last three months) from the person whose bank account you would like the funding to be paid into. The bank statement won’t influence the outcome of your application – all we are looking for is the name of the account holder, sort code and account number. If you receive funding, we can use these details to pay the money into this bank account.  

If your application receives funding, we will send you a Welcome Pack, that has information on:
  • How to send us a report of what you have done with the money
  • The different ways to show people that you have received money from the Nurturing Talent Fund and how to include logos for the Fund in anything you’re making as a result for the funding.