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Survey: The impact of COVID-19 on apprenticeships: The role of regions and cities

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The impact of COVID-19 on apprenticeships: The role of regions and cities

 29 September 2020
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2. Are you a member of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships?
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3. How did you hear or learn about the event?
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4. Overall, to what extent did the event meet your expectations?
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5. Did the event… *This question is required.
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...inform you about the role of region and cities in developing and implementing apprenticeships?
...inform you about the new priorities set out for the renewed EAfA?
...provide you with a good overview of the stands of the key stakeholders working on apprenticeships?
...provide inspiration or solutions for your work or the work of your organisation?
...highlight the importance of apprenticeships in the agenda of policymakers and key stakeholders?
6. Following the event I am likely to *This question is required.
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E-mail correspondence prior to the event
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Event platform
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