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Aberdeenshire UNISON Social Work workload survey October 2020

The Branch is aware that since the pandemic many of our members have been working well over their contacted hours. However, our members in Social Work tell us that this has always been an issue for them so we have decided to survey you to find out how this has impacted on you before and since lockdown. We would be grateful if you would take a few moments to answer the following questions. Information will be collated and we will not identify any individual.

2. What area of Social Work do you work in?
3. What part of the Council do you work in?
4. Do you have a full time contract?
6. How often do you work over your monthly contracted hours?
7. How often do you lose hours on your Bodet?
9. How does this compare with your situation pre-Covid?
10. Do you receive regular supervision from your line manager?
13. Is workload discussed in supervision?
14. Do you have a workload management scheme?