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Woodland creation questionnaire 2020/21

Wyre Council has committed to planting at least 25,000 trees in its pledge to help tackle climate change.

To do so, the Council is working with the Woodland Trust and the local community to create 10 hectares of accessible new native woodland and hedgerows across Wyre's public open spaces by 2025.

  • mitigate climate change,
  • help reduce flooding,
  • protect and enhance threatened biodiversity,
  • filter out air pollution 
  • improve wellbeing.
The Council will start tree planting during National Tree Week (28 November to 6 December) and continue through the 20/21 winter season.

This winter's tree planting is due to include three sites. You can access each site concept plan by clicking on the links below.
  1. Cottam Hall playing fields, Poulton-le Fylde
  2. Stalmine playing field  
  3. Great Eccleston playing field

Residents adjoining the sites, borough/parish councillors and known local groups that use the fields have been notified of the tree planting.

This form is also open to any member of the public.

You can leave comments until 17:00 hours on 11 December 2020