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Materiality Assessment 2021 - External Perspective

1. Welcome and thank you for participating!

What is a materiality assessment? Novartis conducts materiality assessments to identify important corporate impacts on society and the planet. Based on the assessment and subsequent analysis, we obtain insights about the needs and expectations of our internal and external stakeholders. Understanding issues relevant to our business along our entire value chain allows us to better manage our economic, social and environmental impact to deliver greater sustainable benefit to all our stakeholders. 

Why me? Materiality assessments help us identify what matters most to our stakeholders and how we impact their lives and livelihoods. As an important stakeholder to Novartis, we would be grateful if you would share your views on how Novartis impacts you. 

What happens with my inputs? This survey assesses stakeholders’ perceptions and expectations. The results will be incorporated into the overall materiality assessment. This survey is anonymous and Novartis will not be able to identify you as respondent of the survey.

How long does it take? The survey should take approximately 20 minutes. 

Any questions? Please write us an email to

Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your insights. We very much appreciate your continued support in improving corporate sustainability at Novartis.

Best regards,
Dr. Lutz Hegemann
Group Head - Corporate Affairs and Global Health

Please click “Next” if you agree to contribute to the Materiality Assessment by answering a few questions regarding your perception of important impacts. Please note that questions indicated with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.