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Climate change survey


Why we're asking these questions

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) recognises that achieving global carbon cutting goals is essential for the long-term health and wellbeing of everyone in Scotland. SCVO is embarking on a new project to support Scotland’s third sector organisations to positively contribute to Scotland’s plan to reduced its carbon output by 2045. To kick off this project, SCVO is gathering information on how the sector is currently doing in this area – we want to know whether you already have environmental policies and to what extent your organisation considers environmental sustainability to be part of its remit.

How we will use the results

SCVO will use the results of this survey to establish what support and resources the sector needs to cut its carbon output. We may publish some collective results of the survey, but won’t name organisations and individual responses will not be published.

Who should complete the survey

This survey is best carried out by someone with responsibility for office management in consultation with senior management.

Next steps
If you are interested in discussing this topic with a member of SCVO staff and/or would consider becoming a case study for this project, please do include a contact email address.

Further information 
The closing date for this survey is Friday 28th May. Please contact Susan Smith for more information: