Automatically Send Emails

Send an email containing response data at any point during your survey or form, even if your respondent didn’t complete it. Use email actions to send respondents their answers, or stay in the loop by sending them to yourself.

Add Custom JavaScript

Set hidden values and record things like customer IDs without displaying them on the screen. You can also enter your own JavaScript code and gain even more control over how your projects act.

Real-Time Quiz Score Calculation

SurveyGizmo can calculate results on the fly – making it ideal for building online quizzes. We offer both pass/fail and grade-based quizzes. Grade respondents in real-time and show their score immediately after.

Survey Actions

Actions & Triggers

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Basic Actions
free Basic Pro Team Edition
Poll Charts
Display chart of poll results to respondents in real-time
Type words from an image
Response Review
Allow respondents to review their answers before submitting their survey
Advanced Actions
free Basic Pro Team Edition
Google Spreadsheet Integration
Payment Forms
HTTP Form Post
JavaScript Actions
Branching & Skip Logic
free Basic Pro Team Edition
A/B Split Testing
Advanced Logic
free Basic Pro Team Edition
Send Email
Send an email with survey results
Quiz Score with Pass/Fail
Quiz Score with Tally
Assign points per answer and keep a running total for a magazine-style quiz
Hide a Question by Default
Do not show a question unless certain conditions are met
Survey Login (password protection)
HTTP Form Post
Post data to outside sources
Scripting Control
Create custom scripting
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