Absolute Flexibility

SurveyGizmo can push and pull information from any system. Some are easier than others, naturally.

Our integration toolkit includes: survey actions to push and pull data, an API that lets you do "anything", pre-built integrations to make enterprise-wide data flow easily, and Zapier to do everything else!

Power Your App

Use our API and application to build powerful data gathering tools into your iOS or Android application.

Do what hundreds of other customers have done and build an application off of SurveyGizmo's backend infrastructure.

Reliable & Scalable

SurveyGizmo is built on Amazon Services' technology. It's designed to be highly redundant and have near 100% uptime.

Our system administrators have spent years architecting a solution backbone that you can rely on for your integration and data processing needs.

Integrate Survey Data with Any System

Simple Third Party Integrations

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Standard Integrations
free Basic Pro Team Edition
Control when, where, and how surveys will appear on social media with Buffer’s scheduling abilities
Google Analytics
Get detailed insight into your survey’s performance with the world’s most popular analytics tool
Google Sheets
Update spreadsheets in real time as your data comes in
Post surveys to your Facebook Wall
Share surveys directly to Twitter
Collect payments of all kinds within your survey using Stripe payment processing
Integrate through Zapier
Connect to apps so your data can be where you want it, when you want it
Find qualified respondents to take your surveys
Enterprise Solution Integrations
free Basic Pro Team Edition
SalesForce.com Integration
Pull & push information to and from SalesForce
ExactTarget Integration
Pull & push information to and from ExactTarget
Start exploring and discover what’s out there.