More Question Types

SurveyGizmo has dozens of distinct question types and each question type can be modified dozens of ways!

Plus, each of our questions is mobile optimized to help you collect the best data regardless of device.

Amazing Validation

SurveyGizmo has the most flexible validation system of any survey tool.

Make questions required, provide parameters to each individual question's response, build math, formulas, or complicated rules (if you need to).

Invent Your Own

Doing highly custom research? Need to build a custom question type? Something uniquely interactive?

No problem! Use our Custom Question API to build new question types directly from your imagination and business requirements.

Hundreds of question styles, formats and types

Question Types

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Basic Question Types (use customisations to create more)
free Basic Pro Team Edition
Textbox (Short Answer)
Essay (Long Text)
Radio Buttons (Multiple Choice)
Dropdown Menu
Rating (Likert Scale)
Multi-Select Dropdown Menu
Textbox List
Textbox Grid
Dropdown Menu List
Net Promoter Score
Radio Button Grid
Checkbox Grid
Dropdown Menu Grid
Drag & Drop Ranking
Ranking Grid (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc)
Continuous Sum
Star Rating Grid
Contact Form
Poll Charts
Images and Videos
Video Embed
Audio Embed
Image Choice
Custom Group
Custom Table
File Upload
Type words from an image
HTML5: Input Type for Textbox
Social Media Action
Quick Card Sort
Categorize options by dragging Items into predetermined Groups
Closed Card Sort
Categorize options by dragging Items into customized Groups
Open Card Sort
Categorize options by dragging Items into respondent created Groups
Advanced Question Features
free Basic Pro Team Edition
Slider Values
Cascading Dropdown Menu
Semantic Differential
Max Differential (Max Diff)
Conjoint Analysis
Beta Access Only - Available on Request
Custom Questions Builder
Create your own question types, including video questions, advanced sliders, heat maps, and eye tracking
Some Of Our Question Customisation Features
free Basic Pro Team Edition
Make Questions Required
Add/Edit Options in Bulk
"Other" Textbox
Add a textbox to your multiple choice question so users can write in their own answer
Create Max Word Size
Change Textbox or Table Properties
Define the length, height, and width of a textbox or table
Separate Answer Titles and Reporting Values
Create shorter reporting values for internal reference and clearer reporting
Orientation of Labels and Options
Change your question's orientation to vertical, horizontal, or Likert scale
Dynamic Question Numbering
Suggest potential answers as a respondent types
Template Hook Name
Create a custom CSS class name
Automatically format answers as currency, percentage, or a whole number
Format Text
Adjust the size of text or make it bold, underlined, or italicised. Add hyperlinks and images
Remove Question Numbering
Open Text Analysis
File Uploading Options
free Basic Pro Team Edition
Allow File Types
List the types of files users can upload to your survey
Set Maximum Upload Size
Choose the maximum file size that survey takers can upload
Export Survey Questions to Word
Start exploring and discover what’s out there.