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Baker St Partnership Working from Home

WFH Baker St partnership survey

2. Your age:
I identify my gender as:
4. How much do you agree / disagree with this statement:
Space Cell Much less effectiveLess effectiveAs effective as in the officeMore effectiveMuch more effective
Compared to the office, working from home I am:
5. How much do you agree / disagree with the following statements in the context of working from home for a prolonged period:
Space Cell Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeither disagree nor agreeAgreeStrongly agreeNot applicable
I feel I am a part of the team.
I feel like I'm in close contact with my colleagues.
I feel that I am up to date with the status of the projects currently conducted by our team.
I feel that our team's work is well organized.
I feel my manager is providing me with enough support.
I feel my company is providing me with enough support.
I feel that the amount of information that I get is overwhelming.
I feel overwhelmed by the current number of responsibilities.
6. To what extent do you experience these difficulties while working from home?
Space Cell NeverRarelySeldomFrequentlyVery frequentlyNot applicable
Lack of ability to effectively use IT tools for remote working eg.: skype, ring central, teams, google hangouts/zoom/webex.
Unreliability of these platforms, technical problems
Lack of necessary functionalities on these platforms
Internet connection issues
Difficulty in maintaining the work schedule
Isolation, a sense of loneliness
Presence of other people in the same room during work
Difficulty in maintaining an active lifestyle
No separate physical space for work
No quiet space to work
Lack of large computer screen
7. What do you think would help you adapt to a prolonged period of working from home?
9. Does anyone else work at your place of accommodation besides you?
10. Do you have children who are now also staying at home all day?
What age group are they in? (if you have children in more than one group, select multiple answers)
What strategies are you adopting to support your children whilst working from home?
Space Cell NeverRarelySeldomFrequentlyVery frequently
Organizing the working day in accordance with the school schedule
Providing children with educational content
Providing children with entertainment content
Engaging private online tutors
Ensuring children have safe outdoor playtime
Giving children greater responsibility for domestic chores and cooking
Encouraging children to learn new skills